Thursday, 27 October 2016

Big Island or Hawaii its aloha Hilo

Awoke 0630hrs cruising past the island of Hawaii,of note probably a couple of Christmas Petrels,Tropic birds and Cattle Egrets.
On docking I'm grilling the shoreline hoping for more.
and I get a small flock of Ne Ne or Hawaiian geese in flight,just the tonic as last chance for this island endemic and national bird.

083Ohrs breakfast,never hot Caz gets the hump,off the ship around 0900hrs
at Hilo where we take a taxi to Rainbow Falls.
Aptly named this 442ft produced a rainbow.
The Waluku river runs below it legend here of monster and man only tourist today.

Next stop was the Lilluokalani Gardens ,these were Japanese style gardens.
The Bashi style was quite pleasing to the eye as I looked around for some birds much to Carols annoyance.First a Wandering Tattler another Alaskan migrant at close quarters.
Also of note another introduced species seen in Africa prior was the Yellow Fronted Canary.
Reluctantly leaving the park with its architecture and birds,our next stop was the market.
A few beers and lunch at a splendid restaurant called the Pineapple halted our progress,then it was on the hop on hop off bus back to port.
Hilo at a glance founded by the Polynesian boatmen around1100 and famed English explorer James Cook moored in Hilo Bay in 1778.Climate 127 inches of rain a year today the sun shone all day . The Ne Ne goose is Hawaii's state bird the world's 6th most endangered wildfowl.More birds have become extinct in Hawaii than in any other part of the world.
Due to changes in their natural habitats,forest destruction,rats,mongooses and man.

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