Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Falklands

The first tender off the boat saw Flightless Steamer Ducks even distant penguins.
Our first view as we entered the bay to Stanley.
I left the boat around 1000hrs for a tour to Volunteer Point,which is the largest King Penguin colony in the Falkland Islands.
We boarded our land rover and Naomi our driver took us out of

The habitat was huge areas  of  upland grass with boulders and stones  and beyond that peat bog,after the gravel roads it took 2and a half hours on boggy peat tracks to reach Volunteer Point.

 First up was a number of Gentoo penguin which posed admirably in the sunshine.
followed by small numbers of Magellanic near there burrows.
Finally the magnificent King Penguins were superb they were harassed by
Dolphin gulls and Turkey Vultures but nothing deterred these astonishing birds.
The colony was fairly large and very photogenic.
Also they were Kings of the beach

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