Wednesday, 25 May 2016

On the Border with Joan and Lewis

Well not even finishing blogging Antarctica and The Arctic circle when Joan rings and Geoffrey Lapworth blogs that a female Goldeneye with a brood of 6 or 7 are showing well .I rush down with my bins and the birds are almost in the car park .I thank Joan and shoot to Ricky where I meet
Lewis now at this point Joan and I record 6 juvs.So 2 hrs later Lewis and I are grilling a female and 7 juvs.
Well a Lesser Black Backed gull swoops and we are back to 6 juvs ,I catch the 6 lucky ones diving mums not best pleased.
So now for the record theirs 6 left but for how long,we passed Andrew Moon on route back conveying our experience.
Lewis informs me that the female is an escaped female with a ring but the male surely is a lusty Viking so the brood our wild skol skol

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