Thursday, 5 May 2016

All At Sea

Well as you can imagine a number of days were at sea without visiting a port so some serious sea watching ensued not everyones cup of tea.
Good numbers of Great Shearwaters obliged and fairly easily identified.
this picture shows a number of Great and what I think was a Manx or two.
Next a map showing the water covered on the cruise.
So much variety obviously some pictures are distant but on a cruise ship you take what you get.
Albatrosses at last Black browed being the commonest.

Also Wandering Albatross in good numbers with its massive wingspan.

This is an immature any mistakes feedback would be appreciated.

Here's an adult followed by Salvins  , saw at least 5 Species of Albatross.
Another big bird was Southern Giant Petrel juveniles and colour phases makes things difficult they say Northern or Halls Giant Petrel don't follow boats ?
sitting pretty this one.
Well that's the pelagic for a bit back soon with some more soon
I leave you with a favourite Cape Petrel.

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