Thursday, 24 October 2013

San Francisco 23rd of September 2013

Today we were off to Alcatraz,we boarded the ferry for the roughly 20 minute passage from Dock 33 a few terns were visible on route.
We left San Francisco in brilliant  sunshine and was soon to arrive on the island.
On arrival we were met by the Ranger.
Passing the Officers Club and Warehouse we had views of Allen's Hummingbird.
Near the power plant the smell of guano and sand flies as we viewed the water tower.
Then it was in to the cell blocks to see how the inmates were housed.
This was a typical cell this prisoner was an artist ,but I was interested in Robert Shroud
the man called the bird man of Alcatraz which was not exactly portrayed correctly in the
film starring Burt Lancaster.
Please read the footnotes of these two pictures to get the full story of the Bird Man.

Hope you can read this dossier on Robert Shroud,but lets not forget Escape from Alcatraz for
our younger bloggers it seems Frank Morris played by Clint Easwood and two others swam for it.
Back to the present  in the recreation yard I find a Black Phoebe and another pair below the
Carol and I continue are tour of the Rock which was thoroughly enjoyable.
We returned to the mainland to continue are busy day where we got a tram to
Golden Gate park it was a bit of a trek as we made our way to the Japanese Tea
Garden here we saw an American Robin.
We reluctantly returned with a Vietnamese cab driver who drove at speed down the hills of
San Francisco as if we were following Jason Bourne.
Carol decided on a nap at the hotel and I went for a beer

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