Tuesday, 29 October 2013

29th and 30th of September and 1st of October Pelagic birds and mammals

At  sea  travelling south to Nicaragua the wind and humidity has picked up.
A variety of Boobies have been seen quite a way out,Masked,Nazca and Blue
Footed .
Also  Galapagos and Audubon shearwaters and a number of flying fish.
After breakfast a lazy day sailing down the coast of Mexico,saw a whale briefly
at some distance.Lots of Debris mostly trees scattered across the ocean after the
hurricane some days ago.
More Boobies and Red necked Phalaropes obliged as did some Pacific white sided Dolphins?.

The following morning another day at sea,Sabines gull in good numbers but distant,photographed a
Brown Booby chasing a flying fish.
1700 hrs skuas and Wedge tail shearwaters and possibly Markham's petrel ends the watch 1800 hrs.
Tuesday 1st of October 0800HRS 3 Magnificent Frigate birds over the boat a good showing of Dolphins close to our starboard side.
At 1030 HRS a lecture on the Panama canal is appealing ,there was not a seat to be had so it was
carry on birding which proved ok as we saw Nazca Boobys close.

Then a huge movement  of Petrels and Shearwaters,Black vented and Pink footed looked about
right with a sprinkling of Least Storm and Parkinson's petrels.
More Turtles and Dolphins and a performing Marlin all before lunch.
After lunch a Prothonotary warbler was hitching a ride on the boat as the heat became intense late

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