Thursday, 24 October 2013

Osprey at Maple Lodge

Well been off the radar for a month or so up to recently been on a cruise to the Panama canal where
after leaving San Francisco Ospreys were a regular feature first at  San Jose del Cabo  estuary near
Cabo San Lucas an adult calling from a palm tree.
Also in the mangroves in Costa Rica where in flight views were obtained.
Then it landed in the mangroves at some distance,further sightings in the Panama canal
and Aruba at the Boubali reserve where I only managed 30 minutes.

Finally after being home a week a Osprey has been found on my local patch at 930 HRS Paul
Lewis picked me up and we made our way to Long Hedge hide where Geoff Laptop ,Rambo,
Dale Ayres ,John Ward et al were already grilling it.

Thank heavens for Dale Ayres as my compact flash card was playing up and would not format.
Dale kindly lent me a spare one enabling me to get a good flight shot,it finally caught a 6oz Roach
a good morning was had by all we saw Kingfisher and heard Cettis warbler.
Paul and I  said goodbye to Andrew and Geoff. A special thanks to Dale Ayres a fellow photographer
and a gentleman.

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