Sunday, 24 March 2013


Well March is certainly living up to it's former glories,the March winds shall blow and we shall have snow and  what
will  Robin do then poor thing,beware the ides of March.
A walk to Woodoaks farm on Sunday the 24 th of March was quite an eye opener in a biting
cold wind and a flurrie of snow.
Up to my ankles in cow shit and mud I plodded on Chris the farm hand had texted me
there were some Wheatears around. But  first up was a flock of 180c Golden Plover.

The light was crap for photography as I followed the track past the dung heap,I trudged on
a single kestrel was hunting below Lady Walk Wood.
Then in the distance I picked up the Wheatears in flight showing their white rumps all
good looking Spring males.
Then on the return I found a highly mobile Stonechat ,everything was mobile due to persistent
dog walkers.
Finally at the dung heap one of 15 Yellowhammers posed briefly before I returned home
a little colder than most March mornings.

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