Thursday, 28 March 2013

Back to Woodoaks alas no Harrier

Walked to Woodoaks around O900hrs one birder present grilling the orchard I had a single
greenfinch in the hedgerow on route.
Walking on through the farmyard on the apex roof of the old barn were two male
Wheatears sunning themselves in a cold wind.
Moving closer I managed some better shots from below the barn.
Leaving the barn I followed the track up to the dung heap hopefully for a better views
of the elusive Stonechat,however too many dog walkers spoil the peace,sounds
hypocritical coming from me but mine is on a lead when it counts.
A brief view of a little brown job at the top of the track could not prove it was
a stonechat so I returned down the track noting around 40c Golden plover.
Back at the barn the stonechat obliged be it briefly,it moved away towards the
roundabout on the barbed wire fence,another wheatear showed in the arable field
and finally a Common Gull was feeding opposite the cottages.
Did not get a heads up on the Marsh Harrier thanks for that?.What  goes around
comes around.

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