Thursday, 24 January 2013

Urban Waxwings

A quick jaunt to Stockers with Lewis to look for last nights reported Bittern did not go to
plan . A few birders walked along the Colne missing it as did I ,but after I left Sir Geoffrey
Laptop had it  on his radar for 3 seconds before it flew off to Maple Cross or any reed bed with
So  Lewis dropped me off at Denham Way where 10 Waxwings duly obliged on cottoneaster
but the light was crap and they are quite mobile.
Just lately I have been struggling to get good photos always a stick in the way ,plus some
sun would be a bonus ,two weeks ago I was in Mombasa, it was 40c .Always moaning us poms.
Here is an urban Waxing of the sub species maplecrossius.
Brendan Glyn has been running around the estate like a headless chicken dipping on
the Waxwing. So thats all for now.

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