Friday, 18 January 2013

New years Eve on the Mara part2

15.00 hrs we meet John our guide and board our jeep,it's overcast and we stop for a few birds,
but the lights poor.However just above the Talek river we find 3 lionessses with 3 cubs and 3 more
lionesses thats 9 altogether.
I photograph the cubs at play with mother and family.Moving on plains game is a bit thin on
the ground,but a Crowned Plover obliged.It had been sitting on a single egg close by.
Another wader of note was a Temminck's Courser and it too posed in fading light.
Along the river another Lioness had four cubs be it a bit distant,next up 13 Masai Giraffe
including two juveniles.
A  message comes in from Aashit and Aatish two wildlife photographers from Mara intrepids.
The river is rising from the heavy rain ,so off we go back to camp ,but its really a bogus message and
John is on to something.Further along the river Olive breaks cover ,this is the mother of Bahati
the Leopard we photographed in Nov 2011.
She poses and walks the river bank giving incredible views,back to the camp in the dark
19oohrs only one Spotted Hyaena,it ran along the airfield before we entered the camp.
New years eve its an evening meal with Aatish,Aashit,Massimo,John Parmassu ,Carol.
The Masai singers and dancers made this a memorable night. In 1984 I was dancing with
the Samburu on New Years eve, this year I am dancing with the Masai to the tune of
Caribbean Queen with Susan Mugush then the wife said it was bed time.

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