Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Years eve in the Mara part one

Got up 0630hrs  picked up and taken to Ukunda airport where around 0845 hrs we took off for the
Mara arrived around 1115HRS from the crowd at the airstrip John Parmassu arrived and we greet then drove off to Mara Intrepids.Edwin the camp manager reintroduced himself before being shown
our tent. First bird on route to the tent was a Grey headed Bushshrike.Now its time for a beer
by the river prior to lunch and here Rosemary the bird guide points out an Arrow marked Babbler
before lunch.
After lunch the weather was turning and the river was in full flow below our tent its here
a Hippo  eye balls me from the river ,1400 hrs its now raining,thunder rages overhead.The Hippo
facing the current of brown turbulent water as the afternoon darkens a prelude to our late game

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