Monday, 18 June 2012

Cape Verde Sal Ponta Preta

Friday the 8th of June morning walk in the dunes around O800hrs,larking around you might say.
Of note a horse grazes on sparse vegetation in the dunes behind the Ponta Preta restaurant.
Still trying to get a perfect shot of Black faced finch lark.
At last not a bad effort,tried nearer the sand dunes and got bar tailed desert lark and greater
hoopoe lark before the dogs came running from the Quad bike area near the restaurant.

The  greater hoope larks gave me much pleasure as they raced around the dunes like road runners.
Also of note Kentish Plovers were holding territory in the dunes and are probably breeding along
with the larks as they are all displaying an singing.
A swallow flew over the hotel later today.

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