Monday, 18 June 2012

Another windy day on Sal Cape Verde

Saturday 9th of June got up 0700hrs made tea before another windy day commenced at
near Villa Verde the hotel complex adjacent to our hotel.
Made  my way to Ponta Preta near the restaurant I managed some shots of Kentish Plover
holding territory.
It's not quite Dungeness here not enough birds,but certainly its bleak,the wind increased as I
 found it hard to track down birds.But saw 2 Greater hoopoe larks in the distance and started
tracking them.Eventually caught them in displayn flight I was well pleased.
Next up a family of Bar tailed desert larks with juvs constituted a breeding record.

Time was moving on as I ambled back for breakfast,while round the pool Cape Verde swift
flew over and House Martin.After lunch watched Holland lose to Denmark with the Dutch
air stewardesses its a hard life.

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