Monday, 18 June 2012

CAPE VERDE Birding on Sal

Monday 4th of June checked in 0840hrs for our flight to Sal.
We arrived around 1330hrs local time 2hrs ahead of GMT. Cleared customs and got on the bus
to the Melia Tortuga.
The only bird of note was the endemic Iago sparrow.Checked in had a few beers.
Tuesday 5th of June woke up around 0700hrs,a quick cup of tea before leaving the hotel.
The chittering of Iago sparrow started my walk before the malpais like habitat stretched out in front
of me,marram like grass interspersed with lava like rock.
I was soon viewing Bar tailed Desert Lark,although the perpetual wind made viewing and
photography difficult.It was then Black faced Finch larks began their aerial display to attract females.
I was only distracted by a call of a Quail,to my surprise in the middle of the grassy tracks sat an
Osprey in full view.

I photographed it untill it flew off and banked along the beach,it resettled at some distance as I
reluctantly made my way back for breakfast.At 1045hrs four Brown necked Ravens flew over the
complex.At 1630 hrs walked the malpais again heard Quail again and added House martin
and Cape Verde Swift .

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