Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Stockers Lake

Birding with Paul Lewis it was cold today as we walked canal side of the lake of note a few Siskins
were feeding in the Alders.Moving on towards the hides we noted first a female Goldeneye
it was reasonably close but my hands were frozen as I attempted some photos.
We waited patiently for males to show while waiting Tony Hulls arrived and Paul and I
greeted him and of course any news of the smews,
A male Goldeneye obliged then a couple of males started displaying although quite distant it is
always a pleasure to witness.
We moved on as did the goldeneye ,then we met Geoff Lapworth who had seen the Smew from the causeway,while they chatted I raced on only to see the two drakes fly off.
Paul and Tony caught up as we crossed the causeway and on adjacent Bury GP were two Wigeon
and seven Red crested pochards.
Following the lake we scanned the islands,Paul found them cruising away from us,and I managed a
distant record shot for the day.
Well that was it not a bad morning but bloody freezing ,home for lunch then off to work.

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