Friday, 10 February 2012

Another day in Turdus Paradise

It looks like that I have to bow to my learned colleagues.Yesterday Joan Thompson and Paul Lewis
thought I had found a rarity,but they to have bowed to ornithological pressure.
My last e mail was from Jack Fearnside makes it rather conclusive as I have great respect for this guy
who has always been on side and has faith in me.
So its a funny blackbird then,I waited for it to show in the garden this morning alas no just the usual
suspects,mistle thrush,blackbird and fieldfare. An hour at Maple Lodge feeding station revealed only
blackbirds and song thrush none with supercillium or malar stripes.
On return home Christine Bessant rang me it seems she had an odd thrush in her garden last year
and Lee Evans had  the photos for perusal. The verdict yes you guessed it dodgy blackbird.
Christine is e mailing the photos soon for my perusal and comparasions.
Finally I would like to thank everybody for their help with this species.
ie Mike Illet,Paul Lewis,Joan Thompson,Lee Evans,Jack Fearnside,Christine Bessant etc.
My apologies to the birders who scoured Maple Cross recreation ground yesterday afternoon.
But many thanks to all for having faith in me.
The South west corner of Herts  has some superb birders who supply records and photos and I would personally
like to thank Herts Bird Club and Jack Fearnside in particular who stands out whose faith in us is
most welcomed and appreciated.

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