Monday, 20 February 2012

Help the Heroes Pike match at Farlowes gravel pits

Well a weekend off , I was at Jerry Bart's 60th at the Horns on Thurs night,so Friday I was a bit jaded,
howevever 0630 HRS I am waiting for Tony Collins to pick me up on Sat morn,yes he oversleeps and
arrives 0715hrs and eventually we get to Farlowes around 0800hrs.
Better late than never, on arrival we meet old friends Paddy Crilly and the Gomms. While Tony and I
set up and got settled in our swims. Four hours on nothing was  doing, just opposite the Gomms were
catching lots of jacks. So I moved from the above swim to try and  change my luck,it proved a good
move as Alan Gomm and I ended up runners up in one category.Many thanks to
Paddy Crilly for organising the event and thanks to the Gomms who helped me out with bait etc.
Help the Heroes needs your help any way you can,RULE BRITTANIA.

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