Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sundays resumee of Dungeness and All Our Yesterdays.

It was a great day as the rain was not bad enough to spoil our day,I was looking forward to this trip,
Tony Donnely and Darren Thomas good birders and good friends are a welcome in pursuit of birds.
For me in the mid sixties to the late seventies I got hooked on birding, a pair of 10x50 's  round my
neck  as I fished for  Bream proved just the ticket as I watched a Kingfisher land on my
rod.Paul Trodd and Kevin Downer were keen ringers at Maple Cross Sewage Farm now Maple Lodge
N.R.Paul became my mentor although my junior,and with him I visited Tring res mostly Wilstone,my
ex wife got on with Pat ,Paul's wife and we stayed with them in Dunstable a few times.
But what really done it was a trip to Norfolk in 1978 taking in the Brecks and East Wretham where we had Monty,s and on to Cley the mecca and Nancy's Cafe.
Paul narrowly missed the roundabout at Royston on the way back so what we had 100 species in a day
and God knows how many lifers.
Back to the present Sunday's trip to Dunge was a time warp a great day with friends the wind up and the crack,alas no beer.pictures by Paul Trodd and Steve Carter

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