Friday, 30 September 2011

Maple Lodge Autumn morning

Still a bit tired after Zaragoza and work but must keep birding,walked to Maple Lodge this morning
making the best of the light as I entered the reserve the light through the trees was spectacular.Moving
on to the Rotunda hide all was quiet except for the call of Green Woodpecker,retracing my steps back
to the Teal hide it proved aptly named with a number of Common Teal present. After a while a
Green Sandpiper obliged be it briefly,I was left with a few trilling Little grebes and overhead 3
Ring necked Parakeets.Moving on to Long Hedge hide a Black headed gull sat posing on a post,before
I returned along the hedge.Finally at the Sluice I had a good view of one of the two Kingfishers present on the reserve this morning,Geoff Lapworth arrived and we walked out of the reserve.
Finally while writing up this blog I hear starlings mobbing overhead a Common Buzzard garden

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