Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bailiff,Birds and old Esox last day of Feb

Arrived Stockers gravel pit,HMWT were still working on the felled trees,although it was cold wet with sleet and rain I trudged to the point near the car park,it was here a flock of 80 siskins buzzed around the alders on the adjacent islands, I quickly set up two pike rods with mackerel to tempt old esox,but I was distracted by a pair of great crested grebes doing the weed dance,just after Graham White an officer of HMWT stopped for a chat I said its bloody freezing probably pack up around 1230 hrs.
I carried on patiently watching goldeneyes display when the buzzer went I connected and caught a 7 LB male pike ,then two dog walkers were on the other side of the lake their dogs were running through the reeds causing mayhem,then ten minutes later they ignored the sign for road closed and came through the bushes to where I was fishing,I politely told them two old girls with two lurchers and two terrriers to keep control of their dogs and not too ignore safety signs,they took the hint and left.
The general public need to be more aware of SSI areas and nature reserves what with their carefree attitude and feeding of wild birds is inprinting them to people making them an easy target for poachers.

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