Wednesday, 30 March 2011

All our Yesterdays "On the Border"

Cycled from Denham Way to Harefield following the route  I would take to work in 1966 passing Lynsters farm and left at the Royal Oak "The Oaks" along Coppermill lane the only real traffic along here was the lorries of Rickmansworth Gravel Company in the 60's.
Also those of us cycling to Work at Winstones Printing Ink Company and the Bell Works, a wet  Kestrel obliged as I reached the Coy Carp,  crap name  it was called the Fisheries Inn.
It was here I turned right along the canal towpath towards Horshoe Bay straight away I saw 6 Sand martins and a pair of Grey Wagtails while overhead Red Kite  obliged, many summers ago the sky was full of Swifts here hawking insects and nesting in the Belfry opposite the Coy Carp.
Today I was in search of Perch I fished for 2 hours in vain ,along the tow path came an old friend Jack Edgell who had worked with me in the 60's at Winstones,just recently another work mate's brother Pat Boyle had died ,his funeral was attended by Arsene Wenger,Liam Brady and Cesc Fabregas,Pat had taken me to the semi finals to watch Arsenal in 1972,Jack and I went to White Hart Lane in 1971 when Arsenal won the double,Jack is a Spurs fan but we are still good friends,so we planned a reunion drink in Harefield soon.
Reluctantly I made my way home before the threatining rain arrived.

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