Tuesday, 6 June 2017


early morning walk produced blue crowned motmot and emerald toucanet all before breakfast.
We got the bus to Monteverde and went on the Sendero camino route our first bird was a Slaty backed or Black headed Nightingale Thrush.
Katherine found our first Resplendant Quetzal,the holy grail bird was quite splendid.
A superb passerine was the Slate collared Redstart as we made our way to the view point.
We also saw Black Guan  and another Coatimundi on route to the Hummingbird café.
At the Hummingbird café there was good numbers and varietys of the  aptly named café species.
One of my favourite hummers was this splendid bird pictured below.
The Violet Sabrewing,other birds also obliged at the feeders.
The Rufous tailed Jacamar amongst others incuding Collared Redstart.
Finally another Coatimundi before leaving for the Serpentarium.

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