Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Arenal National Park 12th March 2017

Got up around 0530hrs had breakfast ,then we were off to the National Park where on arrival we saw at least two yellow phase of eyelash viper.
We followed a path through the cane fields where Plain Chachalacha and White throated Jay obliged.
Further on a birders bird the Common Potoo showed well its cryptic reptilian plumage the master of camouflage.
We climbed to the Mirador overlooking Arenal Volcanoe,we could here Brown Jays calling.
On the return leg we noted Squirrel Cuckoo,more vipers and the lek of the White collared Mannikin.
After lunch a stop for a view produced a fine Armadillo,then Howler monkey and Crested Guan.
A long journey to Monte Verde arriving around 1830hrs, some luxury at last. Lovely Hotel bathroom view etc.

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