Thursday, 3 November 2016

Minsmere day trip

My old mate Dave Cole picked me up around 0700 hrs and we set off for Suffolk.Three hours later we arrived Dave don't do sat nav.
On arrival made our way through the bushes towards the beach ,colder sunny and a bit windy a few lingering swallows obliged.
From the beach noted a single Gannet,before arriving at the Scrape where some splendid Black tailed Godwits obliged.
Also here a variety of duck,we missed snow bunting at the Sluice,but arrived at the West Scrape noting a few Grey Plover and Redshank.
Outside the hide on mounds of earth a Stonechat obliged.
Moving on to the Bittern and Island Mere hide several Marsh Harriers entertained us sporadically ,we missed the Otter by 10 minutes .
Although two female deer did not escape us as they grazed between the Phragmites.
Disappointngly we also missed a Waxwing due to member of staffs incompetence,all it took was one word as he dashed past us,fortunately his female counterpart cried waxwing 5 mins later ,it was only few yards away we missed it by seconds.
A lovely autumnal day was not over as a chilli jacket served for lunch at Minsmere caused an unavoidable stop as I was crippled up with abdominal pain .Thanks for the experience.

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