Friday, 18 November 2016

In pursuit of Esox Luscius

Today around 0800hrs Danny Gomm picked me up to go fishing .Pike fishing that is we set off for Inns lake right next door to Stockers bordering the River Colne.
It was a bit fresh a few coot and duck on the lack ,we were using deadbaits and soon a pike was showing interest in Danny's float or should l say bait. Nothing happened we were distracted by a Muncjac trying to get through the fence on to Springwell lane,however it did a u turn and swam  the whole length of the lake to the River Colne.
Danny got a phone shot of this unexpected event.We carried on fishing with no luck until we brought the lure rod in to action and I managed a 5lb fish on the far side of the lake.
A great day out as not been piking for a while thanks to Danny

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