Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Samiento Canal and Brujo Glacier 30th March 2016

Cruising through Paso shoal overcast light rain,Beaufort 5 fromNW noted Southern Petrel.
Heading in to the Samiento canal I suffered the wind factor on the balcony,here waterfalls on verdant hills along these inside Patagonian passages sailed by mariners in times gone by.
The sun shines through the clouds as rainbows come and go.One large rainbow arched across the water it must have been Finians.
1400 hrs small partys of Antarctic fulmars were distant as blue skys
increased around 1500 hrs.
On route to the Brujo Glacier here Nothofagus trees from mid to sea
level,granite tops with intermittent waterfalls here a white Nellie obliged.

Not on your Nellie comes to mind an old Anglo Saxon expletive ,finally viewing the Brujo Glacier later in the day.

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