Tuesday, 7 June 2016

On route to Vaparaiso at sea 2nd April

Sea depth of Temuco is 2451 metres,air temp13 degrees,breakfast followed by sporadic sea watching.After lunch Salvins ,BB and Southern Royal at least.
Numbers of petrels too including a few Magellanic penguins.
Around 1400 hrs Carol having a siesta,possibly Bullers and  Grey headed
amongst the Albatrosses.
As to the petrels certainly Juan Fernandez,possibly Stejnegers and Kermadec.
Around 1715 hrs sea lions with attendant petrels scavenging the barnacles for lice.
Finally around 1730hrs possible Fin and definitely Humpback whales obliged to Carols delight.

breaching at a distance in poor light.
The day marches on its chilly now in Chile last chance for more Leviathans
Finally a good view of Grey Headed Albatross.
The sun sets on our cruise as we arrive in Valparaiso in the morning.

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