Thursday, 21 April 2016

Buenos Airies the city and its culture

Arrived BA in the rain we checked in had breakfast had a siesta noted American Kestrel from the hotel,went for a walk along Reconquista,before our visit to Hotel Faena for the Rojo tango.
We sat close to the stage and had a meal with close views of this excellent production.

The following morning our guide arrived for our tour of Buenos Airies her name was Anna ,the first stop was the Plaza de Mayo the political heart of Argentina,here the obelisk and markings of the people killed in the revolution.
Opposite Casa Rosado where Eva Peron stood on the balcony.
Here's Madonna looking like Eva in the film Don't cry for me Argentina.
Just before leaving the square I see Argentinas national bird its the Rufous Hornero.
A beautiful Baroque church San Pedro Gonzalez was plain but incredible.
Next up the Boca with classic murals of Che,Maradonna,Peron on this highly garish painted neighbourhood.
The Boca juniors stadium where the kids were playing football in the street and tango was everywhere.
on route back the tower of the English the Metal flower and Eva Peron's statue.
Finally the Cemetario de Recoleta this amazing resting place of affluent people.
Including Eva Perons family a great but short tour of this fabulous city.

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