Thursday, 21 April 2016

birding in buenos airies

Met Marcelo Gavensky and got a cab from the hotel to Costanera del Sur where on arrival a Grey necked Woodrail obliged immediately.
Birds were arriving thick and fast Chalk browed Mockingbird and in the marsh Cocoi Heron and Great White Egret.
This area is classified as urban birding it was so diverse.
Now the Coots came closer Red Gartered and Red Fronted showed well.
I even photographed White Tufted Grebe ,we searched for Bitterns and found Rufescent Tiger Herons.
While overhead noisy Nanday conures seemed common,lots of duck up to four species of Teal.
Silver,Ringed,Brazillian and Yellow billed along with Rosy bill Pochards,
a humming bird called Glittering Bellied Emerald showed along with Red crested Cardinal.

Distant  Limpkin along with Southern Screamer and eventually Monk Parakeet.

The nest of the Rufous Hornero was something and my favourite passerine was the Spectacled Tyrant.
Finally great views of Limpkin feeding close to the entrance of the park.
The wooded area and phragmites produced juvenile Harris Hawk and Guira cuckoo ended our morning.A cab back to the hotel goodbye to Marcelo.

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