Sunday, 16 November 2014

november in La Digue

on the first the weather had improved ,we spoke to Sandra the Swedish girl and enquired about her diving exploits.Booked a  boat for a trip to La Digue with Kevin Esperance .A single Grey plover was
on the beach today.
Fairly quiet day photographed a green lizard there are quite a few on the islands.
The following morning Sky  news provided the details of Arsenals win over Burnley,a good start to the day we made our way to the beach. We boarded the speed boat with French snorkelers as we
approached La Digue another shower of rain obliged.At the port we got a taxi to the Flycatcher reserve.The cab driver provided Carol with a brolly,the rain soon stopped as we entered the forest.
After a while walking the forest bordering by mangrove we eventually found a single male
Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher near a water feeding station.
Retracing our steps back to the entrance we found a pair making a nest ,poor light but
amazing views.
above male on nest followed by female and the pair together.
Female on nest thoroughly spoiled.
Next up the beach at Grand Anse nestled in the mid day sun.
Here we had a beer and watched local fish being cooked on the BBQ.
Off to the national park we saw the plantation house first as we arrived.
The granite formations which are synonomous of the Seychelle islands here on
La Digue are pleasantly pleasing to the eye are a photographers landscape love.
Behold these monolithic boulders in paradise.
Truly this is paradise
We left La Digue truly smitten a beer and a cheese sandwich before our boat back to

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