Sunday, 16 November 2014

Another day in Paradise

Phil Collins song is poignant as we amble to breakfast around 0800hrs .Carol has fed the stray
dog again I nicknamed Charlie.
Sat under the palms till lunch Squid rings then back to the books I am in to the Hunger Games,booked a days birding and rearranged flights to Mahe.On the 4th I met Gemma at Valle de Mai where Gemma pointed out the local flora and fauna.
The famous endemic Coco der Mer tree and all its attributes  was on show.
and the Giant Bronze Gecko feeding on the male plant,Black parrots were feeding in the canopy.
A Seychelles bulbul finally gave reasonable views near the end of the reserve,the 2 hr walk was
soon over. A fleeting glimpse of sunbird  as my taxi took me back to the hotel.
1600 hrs we said goodbye to the Italian couple from Northern Italy as we had afternoon tea feeding
the doves and pigeons.The regular flock of Sanderlings scurried along the beach in clock work fashion as another day in Paradise fades away.

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