Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Unst Muckle Flugga and more birds

At  the cliffs we walked away from the light house and followed the coast looking for sea birds.
Around 25,000 Gannets nest here on Hermanness.
Incredible views of breeding Gannets and Fulmars as Jim and I walked along the cliffs.
The Fulmars are tubenoses a species of petrel who emit liquid through their upper bill
in defence of nest or territory.
Obviously birds in flight were at a premium too ,I  particularly liked the juv Gannets.
Reluctantly leaving we made our way to Haroldwick and Brookpoint where I photographed the
Viking boat and Longhouse.
On a nearby pool a Pectoral sandpiper obliged this American vagrant was a nice surprise.
On to Norwick the most northerly village in the British isles we scanned beach noting Arctic terns etc
Stopped at the café met Chris Cash before taking the ferry back to Yell.

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