Wednesday, 13 August 2014

fishing for cod ,Muckle Flugga and the sea birds from the sea

0700hrs a light breakfast,preparing for fishing trip out of Cullivoe.
We sailed out of Cullivoe around 0930hrs on Oberon 2 with John Keggy our skipper.
It was around twenty minutes out we were tackling up and raring to go.

It was not long before we were into the Cod and they are big here.
John was soon in to a fish and eventually even I got one around 25lb at least.
Now off Hermaness we were close to the Gannet colony thanks to our skipper I
managed some good shots here.
Now under Muckleflugga  lighthouse the views were awesome from below.
It's not easy hauling up these fish and the boys worked hard for their catch on the return
they were busy gutting while I photographed our avian masters following the boat.
In particular the Fulmars were incredible as were the gannets and skuas.
Finally we returned  to Cullivoe around 1800hrs  before cooking a cod curry with
Geoff Ansell our Kiwi chef for the week and a good bloke to be with.

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