Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Chase for Migrants continues

Late Friday afternoon Lewis arrived and news of a Wood Warbler and Pied Flycatcher at Stockers and Bury Lake respectively was good news. Anna Marett and Joan Thomson continued their purple
patch but at 1500hrs we could not locate the Wood Warbler,a good number of birders were struggling
I returned home then came back later around1600hrs .Andrew Moon got onto it by its sub call and
managed some photos and I at least had good views of it in the Hawthorn.
Thanks to Andrew for the photo,also of note a pair of Bullfinch put in an appearance.
The following morning I awoke early I was not sleeping well,got on the bike to Stockers
farm where the reported Common Sandpiper was on the flooded field showing well.
Along the road I saw fellow birder Graham Higgins we chatted briefly and we were soon viewing
a Yellow Wagtail.
As Graham left he commented he thought he heard a Grasshopper warbler near the lock.
Moving through the farm yard the Swallows were active.
The grasshopper warbler reeled and showed briefly for John Waugh the lock keeper and
myself then I walked across the causeway between Bury and Stockers.
Cettis ,Reed and Sedge warblers obiged with Blackcaps and a singing Blackbird.
On Sunday I walked to Woodoaks farm  with Sarah and Ted the dog we were lucky to see
Lesser Whitethroat which Paul Lewis had reported earlier.

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