Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fly Fishing at Ashmere Middlesex

After the last days of winter I was looking forward to Croxley Green Fly Fishers annual sojourn
to Ashmere,last year I missed out due to work so as Richard and I passed through Mill End I saw
my first Swallow of the year,next up Derek at Rickmansworth before junction 17 slip road
where two dodgy Asian characters looked to be carjacking.
The late afternoon sunshine waned as we made our way to Staines eventually arriving a little
early opposite Shepperton  Marina.
A fairly lengthy queue ensued as most people arrived to beat the M25 madness around
We tackled up while waiting,the electric fence was twitching as a rod touched it and soon
we were being ushered in to the car park.

Jean Howman our host used to breed pheasants and wildfowl here ,but now it is a haven
for  wildbirds.
One must not forget Mike Humphries who has made this day possible ,car park
attendant extrodinaire ,he really must get a yellow viz jacket.
Mandarins and Tufted duck obliged as did some singing Chiff Chaffs two year ticks for me.
Fishing commenced around 1700 hrs and I soon had my first fish as did Derek.
A pair of Mute Swans were nesting and began territorial behaviour against the Canada
geese also of not a number of Egyptian geese . In the air the now familiar call of Ring
necked Parakeets ,screeching over the West London suburbs is common to anglers and
birdwatchers alike.
By 1900 hrs the threatened rain had arrived and we stopped for our evening meal, wine and
cheese followed by good natured banter ended a pleasant evening at Ashmere.

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