Monday, 24 January 2011

Stockers lake

Walked to Stockers along the main road from The Cross,walking past Inns I note a few Wigeon and nod to another birder,on arrival at Stockers I walk the canal side noting a Little Egret in the top of an Alder,making my way to the hides overhead a small party of siskin call as they forage the canopy.
At the hide I put some seed out on the bird table,then along comes the lad I had seen earlier,he puts some nuts out and we get chatting,Lee from Hemel the blokes name,anyway we get two nuthatches which is a bonus then walk on to Bury lake where 4 red crested pochards oblige,I say cheerio to Lee and on route out  I photograph 2 pairs of goosanders at close quarters to end the morning.

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