Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Easy ride to Ruislip Lido

Got my motor running headed on the highway(A412) cruising on my bike through Harefield crossing the border into Middx and on my way to the Lido .
Yesterday I met Terry Clark who gave me some info on birds via Geoff Laptop.
On arrival helmet off grilling the Lido for birds I connect with a single red head(Smew),but I am distracted by two Mealy redpolls in a SilverBirch. A voice behind me says "what you got" it's Terry Clark yesterdays info provider,"so it's a Meally then," Yeah I replied looks like it,then we walk on  and clock three bullfinches 2 males 1 female this was great as they are not at a premium nowadays.
Finally Terry another birder and I find two male Smews in superb white nun plumage cruising the far bank in the flooded woodland.
We almost burst in to our Sister Act routine but leave the Lido quietly but satisfied.

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