Thursday, 30 March 2017

Cartago to Guayabo

Left San Jose for the town of Cartago where we visited its old ruins and there Los Angeles Cathedral,the only bird of note was Rufous collared Sparrow.
Paolo our guide was born here so it was a privlige to visit his town.
The rain followed us to Guayabo where Aztec meets Forest here the first Costa Ricans of Aztec /Mayan descent established a small city.
Following the trails we made our way through the forest Brown jays were calling Tityras Cuckoos ,woodpeckers everywhere and the fabulous Keel billed Toucan now named Killbill by party.
At the bottom of the hill the elusive Sun Bittern was an added bonus as we walked amongst the ruins.
The light was poor for good photography but the rain had stopped,just in
time to photograph Montezuma's Oropendola's at there nest site,now that's a mouthful.

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