Thursday, 5 January 2017

Stockers Lake a gem in surburbia

Well you might say the title is well known ,however it is due to all the hard work Friends of Stockers,bailiffs,photographers and birders have put in over the years.More and more people move to newer pastures,we have mourn there expertise in the field people like Joel and Richard Drew and now Andrew Moon.
So 2017 starts with a female Smew seen mostly from the Shell hide as it was again today in company with Gadwall and Wigeon.
The Wigeon whistled as the elegant White nun came close to the hide.
Above them a Kingfisher hunted from a lofty perch.
On to Stockers farm where Little Owl obliged be it distant,so back to Woodoaks Farm where another Little Owl was very obliging.
Finally caked in mud the track to the manure dump produced the wintering Stonechat.
So another day in the suburbs produces some quality birds.

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