Wednesday, 3 February 2016

London Calling on the border with Lewis

A cold windy afternoon in West London just a few miles from our Herts homes ,Lewis and I crossed the border in to Harefield Middlesex or as it is now known the London Borough of Hillingdon.
I worked in this manor when I left school a good few years ago now.
The area in question is fields and woodland behind the dogs trust on route to Uxbridge where Asio
flammeus the diurnal owl was hunting voles in late afternoon sunlight.
Not quite a paradise but Stonechats and Skylarks also obliged along with crows and gulls from the
nearby tip.
We also heard Green Woodpecker ,and few Redwing , a partial corpse of one attributed to Sparrowhawk. But it was the three Short eared Owls that were excellent as light faded on the
border in West London.

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