Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Berlin to Wolfsberg

Up early again this morning a morning stroll took us over the river Spree at Oberbaumstrasse.
Next we had a tea and coffee at The Pirates before we headed by taxi to the HaupBanhof
train station.
We were taking the Ice train to Wolfsberg which is almost in Hannover,it takes about an
hour to get there.
All aboard the Hogwarts express in comfortable carriages,we were on our way.
We arrived and walked to the ground it was about a mile maximum passing the VW factory.
At the ground we picked up a few souvenirs and had some beers before kick off.
In the ground for kick off we were seated fairly high up and the atmosphere was good amongst the
crowd as Stuttgart started their singing.
The game picked up pace in the second half and Wolfsberg won 3-1 we left the ground and made
our way slowly back to the train station.
The train arrived a little late ,we got on the Ice train and were soon back in Berlin,
had a beer and burger and we were off for another night of fun in Berlin.

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