Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Wallcreepers and Cranes

Left Stanstead for Zaragozza  arrived 1630hrs noted a few spotless starlings and Great White Egret on route arrived Alquezar around 1800 hrs,a wonderful Moorish citadel beckoned as did a beer.
Got up the following morning to a blackcap invasion on the surrounding terraces and gardens.
A good mixture before breakfast including Peregrine,Red Kite and a skulking Sardinian warbler,
over head a Redwing called.
At 0800 hrs we went to the gorge before breakfast and straightaway Wallcreeper obliged to
everyones delight. Rock sparrows and Crag martins overhead and two Common Chough calling.
Breakfast calling 0900hrs before leaving for Adahuesca for lunch supplies where while waiting a
flock over Cranes flew over,in the town orchard thrushes and spotless starlings obliged.
Our first port of call was the River Vero where a Roman bridge span it as we looked for Dipper,
a couple of Chiff chaff showed and a great spotted woodpecker.
The river held little so we moved on to the Barranco de Gargantas where another wallcreeper obliged
this time closer giving crippling views,for the botanist a few Saxifrage below the bridge.In the distance snow capped peaks completed the beauty.

We stopped for lunch where two Ravens appeared as we viewed the Sierra y canones de Guarra,yes
another Wallcreeper now known as Lewis's creeper as he kept finding them.
We descended to the Neolithic caves to see the cave man drawings while Ann found an Egyptian
Vulture which landed next to a Griffon for size comparision.
We left the caves and headed back up to the small forest on top near the car park
a nice stroll here produced Firecrest,Goldcrest and Crested tit.

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