Thursday, 15 May 2014

Barne Elms fishery

Well it was a days trout fishing in the Thames valley near Pangbourne it only took an hour to get
there just of the M4 . This farm with its spring fed lakes was a veritable oasis.
The boys sat waiting for the off after munching their bacon rolls supplied by the
lovely Rosemary.
All  around us blackcaps were singing ,blue tits were feeding young in a nest box,
I  was soon in to fish a nice couple of Rainbows came quick and fast.

Over head and at rest a Red Kite showed well as did a pair of Common Buzzards on the
lake a Mute Swan with young and Canada geese with young fought over territory.
This lovely day came to an end as we joined the traffic on the M4 just a mile away
from this paradise.

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