Sunday, 15 December 2013

Autmn leaves to Christmas

Well the time ha s flown these last few weeks ,Maple Lodge has been quiet after the Osprey had left
for more sunnier skies.
Lynsters farm holds geese a plenty and corvids in abundance.
Wigeons arrive on nearby Lynsters gravel pit,but duck fluctuate in numbers on
Maple Lodge,only Little grebes fish avidly in the shallows.
December arrives no snow just frost and overcast wet weather,as               
I arrive  today I bid Tony and Geoff the seasons greetings and make my way
around the reserve its generally very quiet a few Red Kites overhead and a Common
Buzzard was sitting on the barn looking for  rats  then mobbed by 24 Magpies.
The forecast rain  had arrived as I made my way home.

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